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    2-day immersion in marketing innovation. Duration: November 6-7, h 9.00 – 17.30.


    Neuromarketing strategy for always-connected customers

The aim of this immersion

In two days of an intense guided experience, the aim is to learn the right and practical methods to transform businesses and impact the market by using the latest generation marketing.

We will understand not only how neuroscience can help us when shaping solutions and brands that may please the human brain, but we will also include the digital side, because customers are now always connected. It won’t be a typical academic course with plenty of powerpoints, but a hands-on experiential workshop, with proved methods to create “next practices” in marketing. The methods that will be share can be applied to any sector, including industry, services, technologies, retail, FMCG, fashion, etc.

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Learning Outcomes

Upon the completion of this 2-day immersion, participants should be able to:

  1. Get – in a practical and experiential way – competences to innovate by using latest generation marketing.
  2. Know how to develop a marketing strategy that may please customers’ brain in our hyper-connected society.
  3. Take advantage of the interaction and networking with managers of different sectors and backgrounds.

Program topics

  • Marketing from finance: the marketing for top managers

  • Impact of the hyper-connected society context on the customers, and the real challenges it implies.

  • Understanding how people decide when purchasing.

  • Understand customers and consumers in depth. How to grasp customers’ insights to innovate

  • The difference between neuromarketing as market research, and neuromarketing strategy.

  • Scientifically proven examples of market research using neuroscience.

  • The method to devise a marketing strategy to please the customer’s brain.

  • We will experience the “Universes”: a creativity method.

  • The “communication cube” and persuasion methods, using neuroscience.

  • The new “OnOff” human being, and what this implies when selling through smartphones.

  • Omni-channel strategy.

  • Linking neuromarketing strategy with Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle theory.


•  Marketing professionals
•  Brand managers
•  Communication & PR specialists
•  Sales/Customer Care executives
•  CEOs and entrepreneurs
•  Any business leader who wants to have access to latest generation marketing tools


Any sector, including industry, services, technologies, retail, FMCG, fashion, etc.

The “immersion” will be delivered in English (no translation services provided).

Immersive discovery methods

The learning way is specially designed to learn about marketing innovation, experiencing and living it, not simply through “power points”. We want to be excited and amused. Rigour and fun can coexist.

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Lluis Martinez-Ribes

Innovation Expert and Associate professor at Esade Business School Barcelona.

“Theory and practice are like two sides of the same coin”. This way is how Lluis experiments and lives it in his daily life through his academic career, and his experience as marketing activator of business teams.

In order to create a strong impact on market, his approach to marketing is inspired by and centred in customers. To obtain such business transform he applies latest generation marketing, that includes fields like neuroscience, digitisation, psychology, semiotics, or others.

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